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1. Disclamer

  • It is the same as PS2M0115. Please refer to the manual of PS2M0115.

2. Correspondence keyboard

  • It is only the following keyboard that confirms the operation.

SUN Type5e

  • The following keyboard thinks that it will operate though doesn't confirm.

SUN Type6   keyboard(non-USB)
SUN Type5   keyboard
SUN Type4  

  • The PC to confirm the operation is only the following.

SHARP Mebius PC-BJ100M (Linux)
OASYS V-BIBLO FMV-5100NU/W (Windows95)
NEC PC-MA10T ( Windows2000,Linux )

  • USB-PS/2 converter to confirm the operation is only the following.

AREA Convertino SD-PS2CUSB

  • The following USB-PS/2 converter is assumed to be a support off the subject because there is a problem in operation.

Audio Technica ATC-USBPS2

3. Feature

  • The SUN Type5 keyboard can be connected with PC with the PS/2 port.

  • It is considerably smaller than this kind of product to be marketed.

  • The Fn key like HHK can be used. But no key is assigned Fn key in default.

  • STOP key is allocated in Esc key.

  • Compose LED is allocated in KANA LED.  But I have never seen it light.
  • The key assign is done for an English keyboard. Therefore, when it is a Japanese keyboard, \| key on the left is allocated in ZENKAKU/HANKAU key.And NIHONGO key on lower right is allocated in \| key. Please change the key assign if you use Japanese keyboard. But it becomes impossible to input "~`" with an English keyboard when it is done however.

4. Cabling

  • The SUN keyboard is connected with the Mini-Din8P port of this converter.

  • Connect the converter to the PS/2 port with Mini-Din6P male - male cable. In Akihabara, it was sold for 300 yen-400 yen ..

5. Customizing of keyboard

  • It is the same as PS2M0115. Please refer to the manual of PS2M0115.

6. Map of EEPROM

  • An initial value is as follows.

0x00 00 76 A1 BA B2 05 06 09 04 78 0C 07 03 91 0B 00
0x10 83 0A 01 11 F5 FE FC 7E EB B8 A8 F2 F4 76 16 1E
0x20 26 25 2E 36 3D 3E 46 45 4E 55 0E 66 F0 A3 CA 7C
0x30 BF A8 71 FE EC 0D 15 1D 24 2D 2C 35 3C 43 44 4D
0x40 54 5B F1 AF 6C 75 7D 7B B8 7E E9 00 14 1C 1B 23
0x50 2B 34 33 3B 42 4B 4C 52 5D 5A DA 6B 73 74 70 B0
0x60 FD FC 77 12 1A 22 21 2A 32 31 3A 41 49 4A 59 51
0x70 69 72 7A 67 64 6A A0 58 9F 29 A7 FA 00 79 00 00
0x80 54 F5 52 F4 4C EB 4A F2 4B FD 49 FA 42 EC 41 E9
0x90 43 FC 44 7E 4D FE 66 F1 0D 58 5B F0 16 05
1E 06
0xA0 26 04 25 0C 2E 03 36 0B 3D 83 3E 0A 46 01 45 09
0xB0 4E 78 55 07 76 77 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF

FF FF 05 00 10 05 FF FF
0xE0 1E 16 1F 1E 20 26 21 25 22 2E 23 36 24 3D 25 3E
0xF0 26 46 27 45 4D 1C 68 32 66 21 4F 23 38 24 50 2B
0xF0 1E 3E 1F 46 39 1C 35 32 33 21 3B 23 44 24 3C 2B
  • The address map is as follows.

0x00-0x7F key scancode translation table(SUNPS/2)
0x80-0xBF Fn key translation table

0xC0-0xD7 N/A
0xDA PS/2 RX delay
(x100us) ... default 0x05(0.5ms)
0xDB 0...with ten key   1...without ten key

0xDC PS/2 TX delay
(x100us) ... default 0x10(1.6ms)
0xDD polling loop delay
(x100us) ... default 0x05(0.5ms)
0xDE N/A

0xDF Fn key scancode
(PS/2) ... defalut 0xFF(disable)
0xE0-0xFF 0-9,A-F key scancode translation table restore data(read only)

7. Explanation

  • The PS/2 key scancode of S key and G key is 0x1B, and 0x34. The SUN key scancode of that is 0x4E and 0x51. If you set value 0x34 at address 0x4E,when the "S" key is pushed, input "G".

  • The scancode of "2" key is 0x1E.The scancode of "F2" key is 0x06.Loog at the value of address 0x9E and 0x9F.

  • If you set value of address 0xDB to 1,NumLock LED may be turned off at power on.

  • 0xDA, 0xDC, and 0xDD need not change if converter is not unstable.

  • The Fn key is voidable by the set of an unused PS/2 scancode in 0xDF.
  • 0xE0-0xFF is read only.If you change the key assigh of 0-9,A-F key, It returns to the initial state according to the timing of the startup of the converter. In a word, an irreversible change cannot be done.

  • After 5-10 seconds have passed since the converter startup, use the value of 0xDA-0xDF. Moreover, it is not used in "configure mode". In a word, even if the unexpected value is set, it is possible to retrieve.

8. How to use "configure mode"

  • It is the same as PS2M0115. Please refer to the manual of PS2M0115.

9. Extra

  • The microcontroller(PIC16F648)'s  No.13 pin connect to GND(0 Volt) , "configure mode" can be prohibited. However, please do not practice the person who doesn't understand the meaning.

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